• Business Intelligence for E-commerce Advanced Web & Retail Metrics
    Biron Analytics is a fully featured BI suite built from the start specifically for e-commerce. This means fast integration, relevant analysis from day 1 and support from a team of e-commerce experts. Whether you run a traditional e-commerce business, a private sales site, an online marketplace or a click-and-mortar platform, Biron Analytics provides you with the most advanced metrics for your business model with repeat business, lifetime value, cohort analysis, and much more
    Google Analytics Integration Cost-Effective Solution
    Mix your traffic data from Google Analytics with your sales data and get sales, conversion rates and lifetime value for each of your web traffic sources. Our full focus on e-commerce allows us to provide our solution for a fraction of the cost of traditional generalist BI software.
  • Sales & Marketing Finance
    Analyze visits, conversion rates by source, sales, gross margin, return rates… Follow your logistics & shipping costs and your marketing expenses, and analyze your detailed cost structure per order
    Operations Customer Behaviour
    Analyze your operational efficiency with Biron metrics for logistics, shipping & inventory management Calculate your customers’ repeat rate and lifetime value and analyze their evolution with the cohorts’ analysis.
  • 1- We connect to your Data Sources 2- We take care of all the integration process
    We can sync data from your Google Analytics accounts and as many of your databases as you want (MySql, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, etc.) Thanks to our strong e-commerce expertise, your IT team doesn’t need to spend time helping us understand your data structure: we build your Biron datawarehouse and optimize your data for analytics on our own so your internal ressources can focus on their other tasks!
    3- We grant your access to your Biron Dashboards
    We select the dashboards that fit best with your business, plug your data and give you online access to Biron e-commerce analytics.
  • Multiple Filters Graphical Drill-Down
    Filter your sales, gross margin or products with multiple criteria such as product brand, category, price-range, geography, customers’ age… Just click on charts to drill down through your data: complex and detailed queries on your sales, traffic or customer data are now just a few seconds away!
    Unlimited Accounts Easy-to-use Interface
    Create as many accounts as you like, and create specific permissions for your company’s partners (Investors, B2B partners, etc.) Unlike many traditional BI software, Biron Analytics is extremely easy-to-use with its graphical interface, simple dashboard architecture, excel export, etc. You will be able to get the most our of your data in just a few minutes.
Biron already powers many businesses analytics, including Private Sales sites, Social Marketplaces, B2C Payment Solutions both in UK and in France

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